Captain Cyan's Sustainability and Environmental Commitment

Cargo bike

Our Environmental Commitment

At Captain Cyan, we're fully committed to substantially reducing our environmental impact and are ahead of the curve on this within our industry. We believe strongly in dramatically improving the sustainability large format print and will always champion sustainable solutions, logistics and products for our customers.

Listed below are some of the many steps we've taken so far to reduce our environmental impact.

New Sustainable Products

We have launched a number of new sustainable products, with the mission that these will replace their less eco-friendly alternatives. Customer are actively encouraged by staff to switch from plastic-based products to paper or cardboard alternatives where available.

Honeycomb Boards - Our Honeycomb boards are a great sustainable alternative to traditional Foamboard or Foamex products. They are manufactured from recycled content, in a completely plastic free production process. They are fully recyclable at the end of use, so are a perfect solution for use in exhibitions and events, which typically produce vast amounts of non-recyclable waste.

EcoFlex Banners - Our EcoFlex banners are a sustainable, fully-recyclable alternative to traditional PVC banners, maintaining the water and scratch-resistant attributes required for outdoor use. Manufactured from 100% PVC-free materials, they are ideal for external advertising and promotions without contributing to landfill.

Fabric Recycling Scheme - customers are able to use pre-paid returns labels to send fabric poster orders back to Captain Cyan. We then send these back to the fabric manufacturer, who recycle the materials to make new media rolls.

Cargo Bike Delivery

We aim to make the vast majority of all same-day London deliveries using either our own in-house Urban Arrow cargo bike, or through partnership with sustainable logistics company Pedal Me, reducing our carbon emissions and promoting the use of cargo-bike usage for last-mile delivery.

Eco-Friendly Ink Solutions

We are a member of ink recycling schemes with both HP and Epson, and send all used ink cartridges back to the manufacturer for recycling. Our HP Latex and Epson inkjet printers both use aqueous inks, which are already significantly greener than UV or Solvent equivalents.

Renewable Energy

Our production facilities are backed by 100% renewable energy and we have also switched our web hosting the Postive Internet, whose data centre runs on renewable wind energy. For more information on this, check out their website.

Sustainable Transport

No more flights! We aim to travel to all exhibitions, whether as visitors or contractors, by train rather than plane to reduce our carbon emissions. All of our staff also travel to and from work or meetings via sustainable methods, such as walking, cycling or public transport. We are also members of the "cycle to work" scheme, offering staff 12 month loans to help staff obtain commuter bikes.

Energy Efficient Investment

In recent years we have continually invested in new print technology, to ensure that our systems are kept up-to-date with the latest energy-efficient processes. Old machinery is either sold on or returned to the manufacturer for recycling, and never thrown in landfill.

And More!

We are working on our own in-depth environmental policy to ensure that our business continues moving forward in an environmentally sustainable manner. This will be published here in due course.