Captain Cyan's Sustainability and Environmental Commitment

Our Environmental Commitment

At Captain Cyan, we're committed to substantially reducing our environmental impact and are ahead of the curve on this within our industry.

Here are some of the things we've done so far to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Investment in new, energy-efficient printers
  • Making virtually all our London deliveries by cargo bike
  • Introduction of fully-recyclable honeycomb boards as a more sustainable alternative to foamboard or foamex
  • Encouraging customers to switch from plastic to paper or cardboard based products
  • Member of HP and Epson Ink recycling schemes
  • Launch of fabric take-back scheme
  • Switched our web hosting to Positive Internet, whose data centre runs on renewable wind energy
  • No more flights! All recent International installation and exhibition attendances have been travelled to by train

We are currently working our own in-depth environmental policy to ensure we continue moving forward in an environmentally sustainable manner, which will be published here soon.

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