How to Supply Artwork to Captain Cyan

If you are sending artwork to us we have the following information to help you

Online File Sharing Sites

We recommend using WeTransfer to upload and share artwork with us, we have a short guide below to help you use WeTransfer to send us your artwork files.

However, you can share files with us using other sites, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and other online Cloud hosting providers.

All shared files should be shared with [email protected].

When sending us your artwork we ask you clearly list your requirements, eg:

  • Artwork1.JPG - 2 x A1 Premium Matte
  • Artwork2.PDF - 1 x A2 Premium Satin

Sharing Artwork With Us

Please ensure that you give us read access to any files or folders you share using your personal Cloud provider.


If you have any questions regarding sending us your artwork or order you can contact us on 020 3005 4495, email us, or use our Live Chat

Artwork Requirements

We accept the following file types

  • PDF (preferred)

Artwork must also be below 400Mb in file size

Please ensure you have set your artwork to the correct dimensions and resolution for the type of order you are placing as we do not adjust artwork (cropping etc)

We have artwork templates for Roller Banners and Pop-up Stands available here

Please Note:

We don't make any alterations to artwork (such as cropping or stretching), only scaling to fit your ordered size, so please ensure your artwork matches your ordered size, or add Order Notes to the order letting us know the size you want.

WeTransfer Guide

WeTransfer allows you to easily send files up to 2GB in size and without registration, allowing you to send multiple artworks in one go to us.

Step 1

Open the WeTransfer site

  • click the blue round circle icon at the bottom left of the dialog box
  • Ensure that the Get Transfer Link option is chosen
  • Drag and drop your artwork and wait until the upload has completed (you can add more files as necessary)
Step 1

Step 2

Once your upload has completed:

  • Press the Get a Link button
  • WeTransfer will generate a unique link
  • Copy the link (CTRL + C on Windows, CMD + C on Mac, or Right mouse click and choose Copy)
  • Follow Step 3 guidelines below to email us this link
Step 2

Step 3

Email us at [email protected], pasting the WeTransfer link in to the email

(CTRL + V on Windows, CMD + V on Mac, or Right mouse click and choose Paste)

Also ensure that you provide all relevant details for your order, this includes:

  • Order number (if sending new artwork)
  • Your name
  • Contact telephone number
  • Order type (posters, canvas etc)
  • Quantity
  • Delivery method or collection
  • Delivery address (if applicable)

This allows us to process your order much quicker and means we can reply to you with a full quote for your order.

Step 3

Central London shop

Green delivery

Same-day service

Free standard delivery