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0.8 Roller Banner Guide

Roller Banner Design Tips

We thoroughly recommend that all roller banner artwork designs are 2.2m in height.

No content that you want to be visible on the printed roller banner should be in the bottom 20cm of your artwork.

Each roller banner graphic has a visible area of 2m, however, the extra 20cm we recommend accommodates for the excess which is concealed within the stand. We recommend that you extend your background image or colour(s) in to the bottom 20cm to give a seamless finish when you extend your roller banner.

Please Note: We can't accept PSD, PowerPoint, Word or other document types, you must export to PDF or JPG.

If your artwork meets the criteria below, please proceed to place your order via our Order Now page.

Any Questions?

If you are unsure on any of the details below please feel free to give us a call on 020 3005 4495email us, or use our Live Chat.

sizing table

Roller Banner Artwork Requirements

To ensure the highest quality finish, we recommend that:

  • Artwork is sent to us as a high resolution PDF file with all fonts outlined/embedded
  • For best results shadows should be flattened in the PDF options

We will also accept JPEG and TIFF files if they meet the resolution requirements:

  • Recommended 300 DPI, Minimum 150 DPI (Dots per Inch)

We don't require any crop marks or bleed on your roller banner artwork as a necessity, but it isn't a problem if your design has either.

A Paper, Custom Size & Resolution Printing Help Guide

Not sure of the size you need? We've made this handy guide to help you

A Series Paper Sizes

Standard A series paper is standardised under ISO 216, as such it provides set guidelines for the sizes of paper.

ISO paper sizes are all based on a single aspect ratio of the square root of 2, or approximately 1:1.4142.

Each increase in A paper size is double the previous, for example, looking at the size guide image you can see that an A3 print is double the size of A4, or, alternatively, you can fit two A4 prints within an A3 sized print.

You can use this site for further help, as well as details of other international standard paper sizes.

A Paper Size Guide

Captain Cyan's Design Service

We can offer you a bespoke design service for your roller banners or pop-up stand from as little as £25.00 + VAT.

Please contact us on 020 3005 4495email us, or use our Live Chat for more information on this additional service.

Please note that all roller banner designs produced by Captain Cyan require upfront payment and will take at least 24 hours to produce.