Organising an Effective Demonstration

Here's our most recent blog post, highlighting some causes we've helped our clients produce eye-catching demonstration material for 

Properly planned demonstrations can be an effective tool for lobbying Governments and encouraging organisations to act in a more socially responsibly manner.

Here are a few special causes we have recently helped our clients produce eye-catching material for.

Animal Equality UK

Before collecting his recent BAFTA Award for his performance of The Joker, Joaquin Phoenix joined other activist members of Animal Equality UK on Tower Bridge. They unfurled a giant banner and held placards in a peaceful demonstration, focusing on the link between animal agriculture and climate change.

Animal Equality Protest with Joaquin Phoenix Photography © Animal Equality | Jo-Anne McArthur

We were delighted to be able to help Animal Equality UK with producing their placards, which depicted some eye-opening stats relating to the impact animal agriculture has on the environment and some poignant images of the living conditions animals have been forced to endure.

For such an important cause, we needed to make sure that their images were perfect, and would grab media attention. The boards below are printed on 3mm Foamex, printed using a water-resistant silk vinyl which is hand-mounted.

Animal Equality Protest Photography © Animal Equality | Jo-Anne McArthur
Animal Equality Protest Photography © Animal Equality | Jo-Anne McArthur

Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion are an international apolitical network using non-violent direct action to pursue their three-point objectives. They want to persuade governments declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025 and to create a Citizens' Assembly on climate and ecological justice.

We've recently produced a number of banners and placards for their eye-catching demonstrations within London, which have gained publicity all over the world.

Extinction Rebellion Foamex Placards Extinction Rebellion placards, printed on 3mm foamex and supplied with attached wooden handles

Most of the banners and placards you have seen on the news are ones we have printed for them. The banners were printed on 440gsm PVC, which can have eyelet holes punched through if needed for hanging purposes.

Like the Animal Equality boards, their placards were also printed on 3mm Foamex. We also screwed wooden battens to the backs of each board so they're easy to hold up in a crowd.

Extinction Rebellion PVC outdoor banner in production XR's infamous "Business As Usual = Death" banner in production at Captain Cyan HQ

How can Captain Cyan help you?

Captain Cyan has no political or lobbying affiliations, however we do strongly believe in the right for citizens to protest peacefully, so if you're attending or organising a march, demonstration or peaceful protest then we can help you gain attention with a range of printed materials suitable for any budget or use.

Our newly launched honeycomb boards make for the perfect environmentally friendly placard, whilst our outdoor banners and poster ranges can also be used to gain media attention.

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you campaign for change.

We at Captain Cyan are committed to reducing our own carbon footprint and are currently working our own in-depth environmental policy to ensure we continue moving forward in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Here are some of the things we've done so far to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Reduced energy consumption by switching printers
  • All Central London deliveries completed by cargo bike
  • Introduction of honeycomb board as a more sustainable alternative to foamboard or foamex
  • Encouraging customers to switch from plastic to paper or cardboard based products
  • Member of HP and Epson Ink recycling schemes
  • Launch of fabric take-back scheme
  • Switched our web hosting to Positive Internet, whose data centre runs on renewable wind energy
  • No more flights! All recent International installation or exhibition attendances have been travelled to by train

More on the way soon, so stay tuned!

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