The Benefits of Decorating with Wallpaper

Here at Captain Cyan, we love wallpaper; it can add such a unique and interesting feature in a room, especially if you opt for our bespoke printed wallpaper.

Here at Captain Cyan, we love wallpaper; it can add such a unique and interesting feature to a room, especially if you opt for our bespoke printed wallpaper.

If you’re getting ready to re-decorate a room and are weighing up the options of paint vs wallpaper, you’ll likely be aware that each has their own set of positives.

Our handy guide should help you to make the right decision for your space. Continue reading for more information

Wood panel effect wallpaper in a bedroom

Longer Lasting

Wallpaper tends to last significantly longer than paint, needing little to no maintenance throughout its life.

Although the initial investment of the paper may set you back a fraction more than a tin of paint, over its lifespan you can save up to 30% due to the fact that it lasts longer and won’t need touching up here and there.

Some wallpapers can last for between 10 and 15 years, meaning that it lasts far longer than paint, which often needs touching up every three years.

As long as you ensure that you purchase high-quality wallpaper, you should see the benefits for many years to come.

Custom Made

With the ability to have your wallpaper custom made; you can enjoy the freedom to pick the perfect design for your room. Is there an outdoor scene you’d love to re-create inside or a design that you simply cannot find on any standard wallpaper roll?

We can print high-quality sheets of wallpaper to your exacting needs to fit the space you’re redecorating. Our wallpaper printing process is environmentally friendly and is quick and easy to make using the HP WallArt tool, why not take a look at our printed wallpaper today?

The tool will allow you to see what your room will look like, and add in any wall sockets and other wall fittings so that your wallpaper is made to measure.

Easy To Install

Our digital wallpaper is so easy to install. You don't need any messy pastes or glue, all you'll need is water.

There's a handy video guide here so you can see for yourself just how easy it is! Install it yourself and you'll feel a great sense of pride every time you see it.


If you’re interested in adding texture to the walls of your home, wallpaper is a fantastic way to do this. With the innovations in wallpaper, there are now a plethora of textures available from glitter to 3D shapes, suede and many other options.

This means you not only have control over the colour but other factors too. Your home is sure to be envied by all guests, particularly for its uniqueness!

Colourful wallpaper in childrens bedroom

Easy To Change

If you decide you fancy a change from your current wallpaper pattern, it is simple and easy to change. It’s best to remove the old paper before replacing it so that the new paper sticks directly to the wall.

You won’t have to spend hours waiting for the paint to dry, as the paper will be dry to touch almost immediately.

The finish, when applied correctly, will be perfectly smooth and flush, with no uneven paint streaks or brush strokes visible to the eye.

Easy Up-Keep

The high durability of most wallpapers means that there is little to no up-keep. You won’t need to touch up the odd mark here and there, and when applied correctly, no edges will lift, leaving your wallpaper looking perfect for a long time.

Although, if your house is home to young children, then it might be best to seek out a wallpaper that can be wiped clean!

Why not find out more about how our custom digital wallpaper can transform your living spaces.

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