How to Pick the Perfect Wallpaper Design

Deciding on the right wallpaper for your room can be very difficult, but fear not, as we’ve put together a few of our top tips to help you to pick the perfect pattern.

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to decorate the walls in your home. There are many benefits to choosing wallpaper over paint, and we’ve discussed them in more detail in our recent blog here.

However, once you’ve decided to take the plunge and paper a room, the tricky decision is picking the actual design. We’ve put together a few of our top tips to help you to pick the perfect pattern

Blank white walls in a room

The Room

One of the biggest influences on the wallpaper design will be the room itself and what it is used for. If you’re papering a smaller room, for example, you’ll want to opt for a more minimalistic and lighter toned design with smaller motifs; this will help to make the space seem brighter and bigger.

If the room is a bedroom, or a space to relax, you may wish to tone down the style to create a calming feeling. In a larger space, darker tones and grand designs can often help to make the room feel warmer and more homely.

The Wall Size

Another factor to consider is whether you’ll be wallpapering the entire room in the same pattern, or picking out a feature wall.

If you are opting to only cover one wall, then you’re free to be much more daring and bold in your colour and pattern choices. If the paper is to cover the room over, however, then busy patterns and bright colours can create a visual chaos, which is not always enjoyable.

patterned wallpaper on wall


The amount of light within a room can make a big impact on the colour choice of a room, so this is certainly something to bear in mind. It’s good to get a wallpaper sample, or a few, where possible and to test this out in the corresponding room before committing. This will help you to get a feel for how the final outcome will look.

Think about the items of furniture you’ll be adding and your choice of soft furnishings; if you already have these items, then ensure that the wallpaper of your choice is fitting with all of the other elements within the room. Picking a monotone wallpaper can bring depth into the room, while multiple colours can add vibrancy and fun. Again, the colour will be strongly linked to the purpose of the room.

Wood panel effect wallpaper in bedroom
Digital wallpaper feature wall in living room

Trust Your Instinct

Picking wallpaper is a very personal choice, and although it is a decision that may need to be shared by others in the household, there will always be one voice that overrules all. If you find you fall in love with a pattern or design at first sight, then that could be a sign that it’s right.

If, however, you find yourself questioning your choice, then it might be best to continue looking. If you’ve been searching for a while and still haven’t found your perfect paper, why not order some of our bespoke printed wallpaper? This gives you free reign over the design and even allows you to blow up beautiful photos to decorate the walls!

If you’re interested in our printed wallpaper services, then feel free to get in touch for more information and we’ll help you to re-create your space!

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