How to Make Photos Perfect for Canvas Prints

Using custom canvas prints for displaying photos in the home is very popular, here’s how to ensure your pictures are perfect for canvas prints

The popularity of custom canvas prints is increasing as photos printed on canvas always look attractive and eye-catching.

At Captain Cyan, our hand-made canvases make for an ideal gift for family or friends, turning a favourite snap from your holiday into a long-lasting, cherished memento.

We print onto 100% polycotton inkjet canvas material and stretch onto high-quality pine wood bars to give your photograph the finish it deserves.

Canvas prints give a room elegance and last longer than traditional photo frames.

Canvas prints are also easy to customise, whether that’s the size if its gallery wrapped and orientation.

Woman using camera to take photos of nature

How to ensure your photos are ready for canvas prints

Lighting is the most important factor when it comes to photography.

There needs to be enough light for taking a photograph, as a good source of light leads to brightness and less contrast.

A photo taken in perfect lighting works well on canvas prints, as the quality of the print reflects the picture it displays.

Good resolution is needed for getting amazing photos to display in your home.

The high resolution (the more pixels) means the picture won’t turn out blurred, no matter what size canvas it is printed on.

Make sure that in your camera settings it is set to the highest resolution (usually shown as megapixels), this also gives you the benefit to be able to crop and adjust the image later when editing it.

Young girl using camera to take photos of nature

Steady hands is another aspect that can affect your photo, it is vital your hand is consistent while taking the shot.

A tripod is a great solution or resting your camera on a level surface

If your camera has image stabilisation (usually called VR, IS or OS) make sure this is turned on, although it should be turned off if you're using a tripod.

If you don't have either of the above you can try resting yourself against a wall or tree, as well as increasing the ISO setting to allow your camera to have a higher shutter speed.

Keeping a photo level with the lines in your photograph, such as a sunset, helps you capture the perfect picture.

An off-balanced image when printed on a large canvas won’t look good in your home.

Camera on tripod taking photographs

We hope these tips help you get the most from your photos!

If you have an image you are thinking about turning in to a canvas print but are unsure of whether its of sufficient resolution or image quality you can contact us by email or on our Live Chat, where one of our friendly team will be able to check your image and advise you whether its suitable for print.

Why not get a quote from Captain Cyan today about how you can turn your photographs into works of art with our canvas prints.

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