Framing Your Poster in the Right Style

Display your posters in an eye-catching way with the right frame so it will stand out on your wall and draw attention to the artwork within.

There are so many framing options available to choose from and understanding the right frame, and mount you need can be very confusing.

We have put together a guide on the styles you can go for that will best suit your poster and tips on how to frame your work correctly.

A stack of printed photographs


Full-bleed printing is when the image covers the paper edge to edge without borders or margins, and full-bleed framing is when you frame around the poster without matting and only a thin margin of the print overlapping.

When the poster you are framing is full-bleed, the frame you use can act as a border around the art and can be any colour you want.

Full-bleed framing is a great option for large posters for which a mount is not necessary.

Framed photographs and posters on a wall


A mount is a great way to enhance your poster within the frame, and it is best when a quality material is used, as cheap mounts could ruin the paper or yellow. Adding a mount is best for smaller posters as it adds more impact and allure to the piece.

Creating extra space around a poster will draw the eye naturally to the centre. If you go for a mount, next step is deciding on the width of it. This is entirely up to you, and you can experiment as much as you want.

Large-width mounts work well with smaller pieces, and smaller widths are good for medium sized posters, as they don’t take up too much space.


When you don’t want to mount your work but want to present it in a simple way, the answer is to float-mount.

This means the poster or artwork is suspended inside the frame on a central mount and the edges are visible.

Float-mounting is a great way to present your artwork in full without using a full-bleed frame, and creates a dramatic effect, adding an illusion of depth when it hangs on your wall.

A framed photograph mounted on a wall
Framed photograph leaning against a wall

Frame Finish

You also need to consider what finish your frame will have; matte black, satin black, white, wood? There are several options, and it will depend on what the poster is depicting and the colour it uses.

Often, a simple matte or satin black frame is enough to help add a touch of style and a great finish to your poster. A white frame can make the artwork feel brighter and makes it stand out on a coloured wall.

Wooden frames can range in colour and pattern and are best suited for posters and art with pastel or neutral colours.

In addition to posters we can print for you, at Captain Cyan we can also create bespoke canvas prints that work as eye-catching alternatives to a framed poster for your home or office.

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