Terms & Conditions

Here’s our Terms and Conditions . If you require any more information just give us a call on 020 3005 4495, email hello@captaincyan.com, or use the live chat and we’ll back happy to help.



Once orders are placed they will proceed to the print queue within 15 minutes if the orders are received during business hours (Mon-Fri, 9.30am to 5.30pm). Orders made during business hours can only be cancelled within this 15 minute window. Orders can be cancelled by replying to the order confirmation email (for orders made online) or by phone (020 3005 4495). Orders received outside business hours can be cancelled at any time up until the opening of business on the next working day (approx 9.00am). Once orders have been printed, they cannot be cancelled.

We reserve the right to refuse any order and will refund all payment made in this circumstance.


Refunds and Returns Policy

Refunds will only be made for orders where the product supplied is defective or damaged. In these instances we will offer to reprint and resend orders, or refund the full amount of your order including postage. As posters are unique and not re-saleable we do not accept returns except where the product is damaged. Any claims for incorrectly printed or damaged orders must be raised within 7 days of receipt of your order and all packaging should be retained.

Captain Cyan do not accept any liability for mistakes (including but not limited to artwork sizing, spelling or graphic errors), except where these are introduced as a result of the printing process. In this case a full refund or reprint will be offered.


Artwork Sizing

If your artwork does not exactly match the dimensions of the paper size you have ordered then your artwork will be resized to make the best possible use of the sheet of paper without distorting or cropping the image.

All posters will be trimmed to the edge of the submitted artwork. If the artwork is submitted with a white border this will be included when printing and trimming the image. It is your responsibility to remove any white borders before submitting the poster for printing. Similarly, if you require a white border on the artwork then it is your responsibility to add this before submitting the poster for printing.

If you have exact dimension requirements then please inform us of those via the orders notes section, email or by phone immediately before or immediately after placing your order. Please note amendments to your order can only be made up to 15 minutes after the order has been placed.