Custom sized, large-format poster printing

Custom sized poster printing at Captain CyanMax. print size is
1.5m x 30m

We understand not everyone wants their poster printed to a standard size, which is why we offer custom size poster printing!

As long as your artwork is exactly the size you want it printed to, we can help. Our printer can accommodate any width poster up to 1.5m and any length up to 30m!

For a quote tailored exactly to your printing needs, please contact us on 020 3005 4495 or email and one of our friendly team members will get back to you asap.

Poster mounting

We can also mount your custom size poster onto 5mm foam board and hand trim any excess board to leave custom size poster flush to the edge. For more information on our poster mounting service, please click here.

Order now!

Not only do we offer standard poster sizes, we can also print custom orders to what ever size you specify. Whatever your big idea is, we can make it a reality!