Pop-up Banner Artwork Templates

Pop-up Design Tips

All panels for our curved pop-up displays are 673mm x 2230mm, only the number of panels per display changes, depending on the exact display you choose.

Our displays are available in three sizes, detailed below, with overall floor space and panel requirements.

Display size
No. of panels
4 x 3
3070 x 960mm
673 x 2230mm
3 x 3
2540 x 685mm
673 x 2230mm
2 x 3
1930 x 485mm
673 x 2230mm

Display Case Wrap

All of our pop-up banner displays come with a wheeled trolley case, for which we can print a removable graphic, at no extra cost.

This graphic attaches with velcro, so that it can be safely stored inside the case along with the main pop-up panels.

Overall dimensions for the case graphic are 1800 x 780mm, although only 300mm of this is completely flat on the front. Our artwork templates have details about where best to place graphics so that they are most visible.

File Specification

Please supply as high resolution PDF, with all fonts outlined. For best results shadows should be flattened in the PDF options.

If you need any advice please contact the Captain Cyan team.