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Social Distancing Floor Graphics

Help your customers with self-adhesive floor stickers available for both inside or outside application.

We have a range of standard sizes and designs, and can customise them to suit your brand

Non-slip interior floor vinyls

Indoor floor graphics

Interior use suitable for high footfall areas

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Outdoor floor stickers

Outdoor floor stickers

Suitable for outdoor applications up to 6 months

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Social distancing designs

Design Library

Browse our pre-designed range of social distancing graphics


Or design your own

We can customise our designs, or print your supplied artwork

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Our printed floor graphics have been specially purposed to help business comply with COVID-19 social distancing advice and regulations, suitable for all usages, whether you need them in retail shops, office spaces, educational environments or for outdoor application.

We offer two types of printed floor graphic; 170mic Indoor or 170mic Outdoor. Both are R10 non-slip rated.

Quick Turnaround

Ready for despatch within 24 hours from your order being placed. Next day delivery is available across the UK, or same-day for central London addresses.

R10 Certification

Both of our floor vinyls have an R10 slip rating, which means they are suitable for environments and surfaces which will be kept mostly dry.

What does R10 mean?

R10 is a slip rating given to materials to grade them based on their slip potential.

"R" stands for "Ramp test", which incorporates the degree of angle and moisture to provide materials with a PTV, which stands for Pendulum Test Value.

R10 scores at 18-34 PTV, which is a 'moderate-to-good' resistance level.

R10 certified materials are suitable for areas that will be kept mostly dry. They're fine for use on angles up to 19 degrees.

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You can provide your own, or you can choose from our range of design styles, available to download here.

Our designs are able to be personalised for your business, whether that be to include your logo or just simply in your brand colours, for a more personalised message.

Get in touch to see how we can help to brand your floor graphics.


The easy-to-install process means you can do it yourself, or if you’d prefer we can also come and install for you (Central London only) for a small additional fee. Get in touch for a quote


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