Personalised Canvas Prices and Sizes

Our prices and sizes are all listed below, all prices include VAT. Fancy a size that’s slightly different to those you see above? No problem, we can do other sizes on request; just get in touch!

40x30 £80.00
30x30 £65.00
30x20 £55.00
20x20 £45.00
20x16 £40.00
16x16 £35.00
16x12 £30.00
12x12 £25.00

Prices per Canvas, including VAT

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Gallery wrap

You'll want to decide if you want your canvas ‘gallery-wrapped’. This means that your image will wrap around the sides of the frame, giving your canvas a professional gallery appearance. Gallery wrap canvases are great for photographs where there is no important detail close to the edge, as 45mm of each side of your image will be wrapped around the sides.

Alternatively, you can have your canvas ‘non gallery-wrapped’, so your image will be printed on the front face only. This ensures that the whole of your picture will be visible and is particularly useful for images with important detail close to the edges or corners.

Please note that we will send you a PDF proof before we print your canvas to illustrate what will be visible on the front of the canvas and what will wrap around the sides. Once this has been approved, will we print your order.

Canvas wrap options