What to Consider When Investing in a Pop-Up Stand

A pop-up stand or roller banner is just what you need to market your brand in a busy exhibition setting. Here’s what to consider before you get started.

Pop-up display stands or a simple roller banner are excellent ways to promote your brand and business at conferences and exhibits.

Our pop-up stands come in three sizes and are easy to assemble, and with the high quality printed panels, printed onto 495 micron scuff-resistant media, they can be used again and again with no sign of wear and tear.

The roller banners we offer are available in three styles, standard, premium and twin so that you can choose depending on your budget and needs.

pop-up stand display

What to Consider

Before ordering your pop-up stand or roller banner, there are a few things to consider that will help the display stand out when you are using it in a busy exhibition environment.

First up is why you are attending the show or exhibition. Is it for promoting a new product or your services, creating a better brand awareness or just want to increase sales?

Give yourself clear goals, so you know what your display will be showing in a clear message.


The packages we offer at Captain Cyan for roller banners and pop-up stands can suit any budget, with prices for a standard roller banner starting at £41 plus VAT.

The range of prices means you can use a roller banner for a one-off event at low cost or invest more in a pop-up stand should you be using the stand frequently for exhibitions and conferences.

Standard roller banner

Message and Design

A pop-up stand or roller banners needs to have a simple message, keeping it concise and to the point; too many words can be distracting or even not distracting enough, as you only have a few seconds to get your audiences attention.

In terms of the design, you want the display to stand out from the other side of the room, and also tie in with your brand identities, such as colours and font choice.

Put your logo at the top of the stand or banner, as this will help it stand out in the crowd, and make sure any images are high resolution.

Keeping Audience in Mind

When designing the stand, always keep your audience in mind, making sure the design is appealing, and any text is easy to read.

Overall, the banner or stand is a marketing tool, and you need it to be effective in any environment. Before signing off, review the design and impact it has.

Using the Stand Permanently

The high-quality printing and scuff-resistant media that is used for our pop-up stands means you can use the stand as a permanent display after its initial use at a show.

This means you are also getting your money’s worth and can continue to promote your brand in a showroom or reception.

Get in touch with Captain Cyan for your poster, pop-up stand and printed wallpaper needs today, and check back on our blog to see new content every week!

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