The Captain's Log: Volume II

Volume II of the Captain's Log, talking about exhibition installs, demonstrations and emoji's!

It's been another busy week at Captain Cyan, with lots of orders printed and lots of happy customers. Here's a quick look at what we've been up to this week in Volume II of the Captain's Log

T3 Exhibition Stand

We had a busy start to the week with an installation for our client Shaily at the 2020 Pharmapack exhibition in Paris.

Shaily designs, moulds, manufactures and assembles plastic products for healthcare, personal care and automotive and engineering.

They had a space only exhibition stand, with no shell scheme system, so we made their exhibition stand using our T3 Modular System with printed fabric graphics.

T3 exhibition stand installation T3 exhibition stand that we installed in Paris for a client

T3 is a versatile, durable and reusable 'twist and lock' system, with no tools required for assembly, making it brilliantly simple to construct.

Its light-weight structure provides ease of transport at every stage and its versatility allows it to be reconfigurable to all manner of different display environments and scenarios.

We also provided them with furniture, display cases and set up an functioning tea and coffee station within the stand itself.

Planning to exhibit at an exhibition? Get in touch to see how we can help.

Animal Equality UK

We were very proud to assist Animal Equality UK with their recent demonstration around animal welfare and climate change.

We helped the organisation by producing placards with shocking facts about how animal agriculture impacts our environment.

They had eye-opening facts about how the animals are treated, and how the pollution associated with it is damaging our icebergs and forests.

Animal Equality UK Protest Photography © Animal Equality | Jo-Anne McArthur

When it came to producing the boards, we printed the graphics on silk vinyl before mounting them on 3mm thick foamex boards. Printing the placards on foamex ensured that the prints would be able to survive in any form of weather.

Animal Equality Protest Photography © Animal Equality | Jo-Anne McArthur
Animal Equality Protest Photography © Animal Equality | Jo-Anne McArthur

Not only did the people of London stop to look at the placards, but Animal Equality UK made a lot of headlines with the help of animal rights activist Joaquin Phoenix, who also took to the streets of London to express his concerns for the cause, shortly before collecting his BAFTA for his role as Joker.

Emoji Mugs

We produced these cool emoji mugs for a client, who needed a quick turnaround for her event the next morning.

Custom printed Emoji mugs Emoji mugs, perfect for any type of day!

The mugs were two emojis, one happy and one sad and were used at an event on equality.

Our customer was extremely happy with the finish of the mugs and the quick turnaround provided. We also produced some posters for them too!

Mugs, coasters and other promotional items are now available at Captain Cyan - get in touch today to find out more!

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