Framing Your Poster in the Right Style

Display your posters in an eye-catching way with the right frame so it will stand out on your wall and draw attention to the artwork within.

Get All Your Poster Needs From Captain Cyan

A quality poster can transform your living or working space; have a look to see what Captain Cyan can do for your professional poster needs.

Choosing the Right Images for Your Home and Office

Get the right image for your bespoke canvas print for your home and office from Captain Cyan using these top tips.

Expert Tips for Displaying Art at Home

For people who don't have a creative eye, displaying art at home can be frustrating, but these expert tips might help!

Top Tips on How to Reinvent Your Space With A Photowall

Putting photo canvases or posters up on a wall is a simple but incredibly effective way to add your own personal touch to space in your own home.

Why Your Business Will Benefit From Posters

Posters are an excellent method of advertising and marketing for all kinds of business. They are versatile, working inside and out and offer plenty of space for creativity.

New Years Resolutions for Your Home

When writing your usual list of New Year’s resolutions be sure to remember to add a few that relate to your home; we’ve got some inspiration for you right here.

Top Tips For Printing Preparation and Other FAQs

A quick checklist of all the things you should do, to get optimum results when printing with us.

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