Has Wallpaper Made a Comeback?

Far from the world of grandma’s walls, where bold florals dominate the room, the 2017 take on wallpaper is bringing the trend back with a sophisticated and stylish twist

With the oppressive patterns of old being torn down, the modern take on papered walls is incorporating more subtle and neutral shades. And with the pre-pasted paper provided by Captain Cyan, today’s take on papering provides a far easier way of switching up your room.

Personalised wallpaper in childrens bedroom

Perhaps the biggest wallpaper trend of the year is actually taking us back to the 1970s! But don’t worry, while the bold shapes are in, those overwhelmingly vibrant colours have been muted way down, so your walls will look visually interesting without looking like you’re trapped in the Brady Bunch house. Geometric patterns are great as they are eyecatching, yet their repetitive structure can have a calming effect.

Think about what effect you want your wallpaper to have when choosing the colour scheme; neutral tones are great to enhance the sophisticated feel of a dining room, or bring in subtle designs to living spaces. Children’s rooms should be more energetic, livened up with brighter and bolder hues.

If you’re worried that your wallpaper choice will become dated in time, you can always form an accent wall and paint the rest in complementary tones.

A great place for this would be behind a headboard on a bed, to really highlight the key feature of the room. Besides, only papering one wall in a room will make the whole renovation cheaper!

If keeping up with this trend is what you’re after, remember that size is important here; picking a pattern or image that is fitting to the size of the wall is crucial.

Now that more of us are living in rented places where we aren’t in control of the wall design, more inventive ways of incorporating statement wallpapers into our homes have come into fashion.

One of the biggest wallpaper trends of the moment is adding an accent to the room by wallpapering the backs of shelves, adding a subtle hint of colour that links wall space to the rest of the décor.

Other ways to incorporate a vibrant splash is to line drawers with wallpaper, or even go as far as up-cycling plain dressers and chairs with prints and papers.

Digital wallpaper behind bed headboard

If you want to get in on the trend but can’t find the perfect pattern to match your rooms desired aesthetic, getting a custom digitally printed wallpaper could be the way to go.

Digitally printed wallpaper offers unlimited options for you to create and customise your perfect pattern.

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