The History and Popularity of Canvas Prints

Canvas has long been a popular medium for artists; we have taken a look at the history of canvas that has led to custom canvas prints today.

Framing Your Poster in the Right Style

Display your posters in an eye-catching way with the right frame so it will stand out on your wall and draw attention to the artwork within.

How to Make Photos Perfect for Canvas Prints

Using custom canvas prints for displaying photos in the home is very popular, here’s how to ensure your pictures are perfect for canvas prints.

Tips for Hanging your Bespoke Wallpaper

Along with our step by step guide provided with our wallpaper, we have put together top tips for hanging wallpaper so your home makeover will be perfect.

How to Pick the Perfect Wallpaper Design

Deciding on the right wallpaper for your room can be very difficult, but fear not, as we’ve put together a few of our top tips to help you to pick the perfect pattern.

Creative Uses For Wallpaper in Your Home

Wallpaper is versatile, and you can use it in various ways in your home, from eye-catching feature walls to sophisticated backdrops for display cases.

Choosing the Right Images for Your Home and Office

Get the right image for your bespoke canvas print for your home and office from Captain Cyan using these top tips.

The Benefits of Decorating With Wallpaper

Here at Captain Cyan, we love wallpaper; it can add such a unique and interesting feature in a room, especially if you opt for our bespoke printed wallpaper.

Why Go To Captain Cyan for Custom Wallpaper?

Look no further than Captain Cyan if you are searching for bespoke wallpaper for your home or office. Follow simple steps and order it today!

Expert Tips for Displaying Art at Home

For people who don't have a creative eye, displaying art at home can be frustrating, but these expert tips might help!

The Pros of Wallpaper Over Paint

Should you go for wallpaper or paint when it comes to decorating? With our custom wallpaper maker, you can personalise your home and apply it yourself!

Are Statement Ceilings Going to be 2018’s Biggest Trend?

Feature walls have long been a hot home interiors trend, but it’s now time for this to step aside, as feature ceilings are set to be the hottest home interiors trend of 2018.

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